FRITZ!Box 7490 – external antennas

In previous article I shared my experience about FRITZ!Box 7490 router. I tried to show it’s pros and cons as well as some ideas to exploit its full potential. One of the most annoying flaws of this device is poor wireless coverage. Due to small-sized internal antenna it is almost impossible to get full coverage

FRITZ!Box 7490 – router which needs a little bit of your attention

Router is just a device which lonely takes its place on a shelf under a film of a dust. However some routers perform better, other worse. Let’s take a look at AVM – FRITZ!Box 7490 device. I need to say this – the look of this device hits the spot. And I mean balls. Its

VoIP Gateways – issues of modern telephony

Cisco / Linksys series – PAP2T, SPA2102, PAP112, SPA122 are propably most widely used around the world for VoIP communication. Most common issues related to VoIP Gateways are unreachable phone in incoming calls, DTMF not passing through or not working properly with alarm/elevator systems. Problem 1: VoIP gateway not reachable on incoming call. Mostly this

DNS Amplification – detection script

Lately DDoS amplification method of attack became very popular due to simplicity of its deployment and potentially great attack power. If you own your DNS server for your clients good idea is to make it available only for them (acl trusted). This script allows you to detect and quickly inform you about any DNS attack

Humming bear – how to lull a baby

Some time ago I spotted a ‘Humming Bear’ toy ( These are not only a nice bear for baby to hug but it can also generate many noises which helps our baby go to sleep. When my son had about 1-3 months we used white noise sound to calm him down and it worked perfectly. – creating infographics.

Some infographics which I find on the Internet looks professional, eye catching and easy to follow. Looking through many online infographic editors I found portal which allows you to create your own graphics very easily. I won’t discuss about functionality – it’s all up what you need, but I really encourage you to create free

Jammer 433MHz – Arduino Mini Pro

Modules which allows you to communicate at 433MHz band are extremely cheap. Transceiver set you can get for under a 1$. Adding them up with Arduino Mini Pro (~4$) you can create wireless sensors for humidity, temperature and present them in any form you like. While working with those transceivers I wanted to check precisely

Arduino – testing IPTV devices (STB).

We had over ~200 STB devices (Motorola, Zyxel, MAG-250) which came from network (some working, some had issues). It’s hard to have someone test them one by one to eliminate those which had problems from units which are ok. I created a simple ‘human’ simulator which generated infrared codes to STBs to simulate channel changes.


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